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I love the color of these glass teardrops! I call them "grin chartreuse earringsch green chartreuse earrings". These are beautiful! Perfect colors for Fall! 10x14mm Chartreuse Green chartreuse earrings Glass Teardrops are wrapped with oxidized copper wire an chartreuse earringsd dan chartreuse earringsgle from pretty 24x11mm Copper Kidn chartreuse earringsey Shaped earwires. These look fan chartreuse earringstastic on chartreuse earrings. Great for sin chartreuse earringsgin chartreuse earringsg, dan chartreuse earringscin chartreuse earringsg or frolickin chartreuse earringsg through the forest! You will love them, I promise. \u2605 Earrin chartreuse earringsgs dan chartreuse earringsgle approximately 1.5 in chartreuse earringsches an chartreuse earringsd weigh 2 grams each.\u2605 Copper wire an chartreuse earringsd earwires are solid copper an chartreuse earringsd con chartreuse earringstain chartreuse earrings NO Lead or Nickel. Lovin chartreuse earringsgly packaged an chartreuse earringsd mailed out promptly in chartreuse earrings a pretty little decorative box - perfect for gift givin chartreuse earringsg, or dream catchin chartreuse earringsg.Than chartreuse earringsks for visitin chartreuse earringsg! click here to see more from my shop: http://www.dorn chartreuse earringsickdesign chartreuse earringss. - Please visit my website: http://www.myhan chartreuse an chartreuse earringsd check out my blog...I'm always givin chartreuse earringsg somethin chartreuse earringsg away ~ \u2665 & Peace always ~ KathyCreated, Design chartreuse earringsed & Listed for sale on chartreuse earrings 07.27.2019 \u00a9 Protected un chartreuse earringsder US \u00a9 as an chartreuse earrings Origin chartreuse earringsal an chartreuse earringsd Han chartreuse earringsdmade design chartreuse earrings of Kathy Hardy aka Dorn chartreuse earringsick Design chartreuse earringss

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