Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

CUSTOM- Silverbeaded jewelry, Black and White Triangle Peyote Beaded Braceletbeaded jewelry, Handmade Beaded Braceletbeaded jewelry, Beaded Jewelrybeaded jewelry, Peyote Cuff Bracelet



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THIS BRACELET IS CUSTOM MADE. THE PHOTOS HERE ARE EXAMPLES OF A PREVIOUSLY MADE BRACELET.This beaded bracelet is on braceletse piece of a beaded jewelry set which also in braceletscludes a matchin braceletsg beaded earrin braceletsgs.This un braceletsique white, black, an braceletsd silver bracelet beaded in bracelets a trian braceletsgle pattern bracelets was made usin braceletsg the even bracelets coun braceletst peyote stitch. To create this han braceletsdmade beaded bracelet, I weaved size 8 silver, white, an braceletsd black delica miyuki beads on bracelets clear elastic thread in bracelets a trian braceletsgle pattern bracelets with a cross-section bracelets of 6 beads.♥This peyote bracelet measures 8.66 in braceletsches (22 cm) an braceletsd weighs 15 grams. Because it is made with elastic, it fits easily over your han braceletsd while remain braceletsin braceletsg fitted on bracelets your wrist. This bracelet is quite large an braceletsd will n braceletsot fit a petite wrist.As men braceletstion braceletsed above, this eye-catchin braceletsg, un braceletsique bracelet is on braceletse piece of a jewelry set, con braceletssistin braceletsg of this beaded bracelet an braceletsd matchin braceletsg beaded earrin braceletsgs. Both were made usin braceletsg the even bracelets coun braceletst peyote stitch.You can bracelets fin braceletsd the listin braceletsg for the matchin braceletsg earrin braceletsgs here https://www./listin braceletsg/862695686/custom-silver-black-an braceletsd-white-trian braceletsgleThe listin braceletsg for the whole beaded jewelry set can bracelets be foun braceletsd here https://www./listin braceletsg/862695476/custom-silver-black-an braceletsd-white-trian braceletsglePlease allow up to four weeks for delivery. If you require faster delivery or trackin braceletsg in braceletsformation bracelets, please purchase the expedited shippin braceletsg foun braceletsd here. https://www./listin braceletsg/251138673/expedited-shippin braceletsg?ref=pr_shopBecause each on braceletse of Corie's Crafts is truly a piece of un braceletsique jewelry, colors, sizes, etc. may vary slightly.Shop policies: https://www./shop/coriescrafts/policy

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