Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14K Gold Filled braceletbrass, brassbrass, beaded bracelet with cube beadsbrass, beaded braceletbrass, cube and round beaded bracelet



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Our Isabella bracelet features an beaded bracelet asymmetrical design beaded bracelet with 14K gold-filled an beaded braceletd brass beads for an beaded bracelet effortless, cool style. Han beaded braceletdcrafted in beaded bracelet Chicago, IL USA. Bracelet len beaded braceletgth measures 7". Lobster clasp closure. Keep jewelry away from water an beaded braceletd chemicals; remove durin beaded braceletg physical activities, store flat in beaded bracelet a soft pouch or jewelry box. Use micro-fiber jewelry cloth to shin beaded bracelete up your jewelry.This is an beaded bracelet Ian beaded braceletn beaded braceleteci origin beaded braceletal design beaded bracelet an beaded braceletd is copyright protected. ©2019 Ian beaded braceletn beaded braceleteci Jewelry.

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