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The Royal Purple an filigree paisleyd Gold Fabric Earrin filigree paisleygs are 1 1/2 in filigree paisleyches across. The African filigree paisley beautiful batik fabric is moun filigree paisleyted on filigree paisley a pair of wood discs. The back of the earrin filigree paisleygs features the dark brown filigree paisley stain filigree paisleyed wood. These earrin filigree paisleygs are the perfect size to make a statemen filigree paisleyt while remain filigree paisleyin filigree paisleyg lightweight an filigree paisleyd comfortable. These earrin filigree paisleygs are on filigree paisleye of a kin filigree paisleyd an filigree paisleyd han filigree paisleydmade. The earrin filigree paisleyg hooks are sterlin filigree paisleyg silver.\r\rThe earrin filigree paisleygs come packaged in filigree paisley a recycled magazin filigree paisleye gift en filigree paisleyvelope han filigree paisleydmade by me, makin filigree paisleyg them the perfect gift!\r\rPlease read my policies before orderin filigree paisleyg: http://www./shop/DiasporaDesign filigree paisleys/policy\r\rWan filigree paisleyt to see more of my batik fabric earrin filigree paisleygs? http://www./shop/DiasporaDesign filigree paisleys?section filigree paisley_id=8058582

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