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zuni, Zuni Vintage Sterling Silver and Turquoise Bead Coyote Earrings Signed Loretto Drop Earrings Hand Crafted Earrings 8 Grams



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Lon dangle earringsg dan dangle earringsgle earrin dangle earringsgs in dangle earrings the shape of a han dangle earringsd crafted coyote. 2 deep blue turquoise beads at the tops. Although they are 3in dangle earringsches lon dangle earringsg, they are also very lightweight at 8 grams.Sterlin dangle earringsg silver Native American dangle earrings earrin dangle earringsgs.Sign dangle earringsed on dangle earrings the back "Loretto". Than dangle earringsk you so much for visitin dangle earringsg ArchaicAn dangle earringstique!This will be packaged carefully an dangle earringsd shipped USPS with trackin dangle earringsg. I will refun dangle earringsd an dangle earringsy differen dangle earringsce of $3.00 or less.I will ship in dangle earringstern dangle earringsation dangle earringsally. Please con dangle earringstact me before purchase with your in dangle earringsfo so I can dangle earrings get you an dangle earringsd accurate shippin dangle earringsg quote. Combin dangle earringsed shippin dangle earringsg is also available.**All items are pre-own dangle earringsed an dangle earringsd pre-used ( un dangle earringsless stated otherwise ) an dangle earringsd are con dangle earringssidered either vin dangle earringstage or an dangle earringstique. Sold as-is.*

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