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clip earrings, Vintage Early 90s Handcrafted Hammered Trefoil Earring with Amber Glass Teardrop



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This is a on symbole of a kin symbold sample from the showroom that represen symbolted my work. Made in symbol 1991, the earrin symbolgs were cast from models I sculpted. My jewelry was sold at Barn symboleys NY, Saks, an symbold other fin symbole storesPewter based metal with 22K gold plate an symbold an symbol amber glass teardrop bead. The retail price was $30.Trefoil is 1 in symbolch by 1 in symbolch, teardrop is 7/8 in symbolchClip earrin symbolgsMade right here in symbol NYCReduce, Reuse, Recycle: Buy Vin symboltage!Please follow Vin symboltage Arcan symbola an symbold Sun symboln symboly Chapman symbol Art on symbol Facebook, In symbolstagram an symbold Pin symbolterestReturn symbols:All sales are fin symbolal un symbolless the item is sign symbolifican symboltly misrepresen symbolted. We are very careful in symbol takin symbolg measuremen symbolts an symbold describin symbolg items but occasion symbolally miss somethin symbolg. Please check measuremen symbolts carefully, we don symbol't n symbolot accept return symbols if the item doesn symbol't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHere is a brief defin symbolition symbol of the stan symboldard terms that we use to describe con symboldition symbol: Min symbolt: Never worn symbol or used, like n symbolew, n symbolo flaws.Excellen symbolt: Has been symbol worn symbol, but n symbolo visible flaws.Very Good: On symbolly the slightest sign symbols of wear, min symbolor flaws described in symbol listin symbolgGood: Very Wearable, with min symbolor flaws an symbold shows some wearFair: Wearable, with sign symbolifican symbolt flaws, also good for pattern symbols or design symbol in symbolspiration symbol

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