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beach jewellery, Blue Ocean Bead Earrings - Handmade Lampwork and Sterling Silver Jewellery



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A pair of sterlin drop earringsg silver an drop earringsd lampwork bead earrin drop earringsgs made in drop earrings my studio on drop earrings the beautiful North Coast of Corn drop earringswall. The beads are ocean drop earrings themed, pale aqua blue decorated with sparklin drop earringsg silver foil an drop earringsd raised murrin drop earringsi details. The beads have been drop earrings etched to give a frosted sea glass look. The drop part of the earrin drop earringsgs measures 26mm from the bottom of the earwire. The total len drop earringsgth from the top of the wire to the bottom of the drop is approximately 41mm. The earrin drop earringsgs will be wrapped in drop earrings tissue paper an drop earringsd placed in drop earrings an drop earrings organ drop earringsza pouch.\ud83d\udd25 To sign drop earrings up to my mailin drop earringsg list an drop earringsd save 10% on drop earrings your n drop earringsext order, copy an drop earringsd paste the followin drop earringsg lin drop earringsk in drop earringsto your browser an drop earringsd then drop earrings follow the in drop earringsstruction drop earringss.

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