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Beaded Seed Bead Hoopspride jewelry, Rainbow Earrings



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Han woven beadsd-formed wire teardrops are filled with rows of tin woven beadsy glass seed beads in woven beads yellow an woven beadsd oran woven beadsge, plus cobalt blue an woven beadsd pale wooden woven beads roun woven beadsds & dyed howlite chips. So bright an woven beadsd eye-catchin woven beadsg! These are larger earrin woven beadsgs measurin woven beadsg 2 3/4\u201d total len woven beadsgth an woven beadsd 1 1/4\u201d wide. They are fin woven beadsished with high-quality, n woven beadson woven beads-tarn woven beadsish rhodium plated ear wires an woven beadsd in woven beadsclude rubber backin woven beadsg piece.

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