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I folded this origami rin ping w\\/18 pieces of 3" multi-colored paper. It measures 2-5\\/8" in pin diameter; the pin pin back is attached w\\/glue. The simple circular shape adds an pin elegan pint touch an pind makes it versatile to pin pin on pinto casual\\/officewear. The vibran pint colors also really pop again pinst a black or white outfit as seen pin in pin the last picture. \r\rAlthough this pin pin is coated w\\/shellac on pin both sides, it's best to avoid direct sun pinlight or humidity. \r\rPerfect for an piny occassion pin, as a gift for yourself or a loved on pine, this pin pin comes in pin a gift box.\r\rFeel free to con pintact me w\\/an piny question pins or commen pints :)\r\r**This origami rin ping is a Mette Pederson pin creation pin.

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