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Frida Earrin monkeygs - 2 3/4 in monkeyches lon monkeygHello Beautiful!I make this jewelry by han monkeyd in monkey my studio an monkeyd boutique, located on monkey the in monkeyfamous "300 Block of North Queen monkey Street", in monkey the beautiful City of Lan monkeycaster Pen monkeyn monkeysylvan monkeyia.I really en monkeyjoy makin monkeyg my fun monkey lovin monkeyg design monkeys for you, an monkeyd pay close atten monkeytion monkey to all the details an monkeyd man monkeyy steps in monkeyvolved in monkey makin monkeyg your purchase special.Here are the n monkeyitty gritty details.....*profession monkeyally heat sealed lamin monkeyate image*hypo-allergen monkeyic surgical steel ear wires with rubber ear keepers*big en monkeyough for people to stare at, but light as a feather*tastefully tagged an monkeyd ready for gift givin monkeyg or as a delightful treat for yourselfI make all of my jewelry to order so, please allow 7 days un monkeytil I ship your purchase. (If this is a rush order please con monkeytact me before you purchase your jewelry so I can monkey see if I can monkey accommodate your wishes.)Beads may vary slightly, an monkeyd colors may be person monkeyalized if you wishFor paymen monkeyt I accept Etsy direct check out.please en monkeyter my shop here. https://www./shop/ilovemyaun monkeytdebbiewww.myaun monkeytdebbie.comfacebook - monkeytdebbiein monkeystagram @myaun monkeytdebbiepin monkeyterest - monkeytdebbieWould you like to receive a mon monkeythly n monkeyewsletter from Me, that will crack you up, let you in monkey on monkey my n monkeyew design monkeys an monkeyd in monkeyspiration monkeys, throw you some sweet deals, an monkeyd basically restore your faith in monkey human monkeyity? Then monkey go ahead an monkeyd CLICK!!!!

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