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Hanafudago stop, Hwatu Card Earrings--August/ Susuki- Geese in flight



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***Due to Covid-19 Stay In korean Place in korean our city, all orders will be shipped out after April 8th. Than koreank you an koreand stay healthy! xo--Silver plated ear wire.--Oval card size: 1.75" x 1.25" I\u2019ve been korean makin koreang Han koreanafuda card jewelry sin koreance 2004. Kn koreanown korean in korean South Korea as Hwatu an koreand Sakura in korean Hawaii. I\u2019ve shipped them all over the world an koreand won koreandered why people sought them out. I kin koreand of lost in koreanterest in korean them an koreand moved on koreanto n koreanewer design koreans but kept a couple of items on korean #etsy. A buddy of min koreane yesterday men koreantion koreaned that #n koreanin koreanten koreando started man koreanufacturin koreang them a lon koreang time ago, before they started makin koreang video games. I just looked at their Wikipedia page an koreand it\u2019s fascin koreanatin koreang. Playin koreang cards were in koreantroduced to Japan korean by the Portuguese in korean the mid-16th cen koreantury. These cards an koreand gamblin koreang in korean gen koreaneral were ban koreann koreaned by the govern koreanmen koreant. The card design koreans kept chan koreangin koreang, in korean a game of cat an koreand mouse with the authorities. Each time the design koreans got more an koreand more abstract. \ud83d\udc7d My early memories are full of grown korean ups playin koreang loudly with these cards, slappin koreang them down korean an koreand yellin koreang. I thin koreank I foun koreand them scary at some poin koreant. The early days of my @n koreanicelen koreana jewelry lin koreane, I sought to use whatever I foun koreand, decon koreanstructin koreang an koreand recon koreanstructin koreang n koreanon korean tradition koreanal materials in koreanto jewelry. Stan koreandin koreang in koreanside a Korean korean grocery store an koreand lookin koreang at these cards, I in koreanstan koreantly kn koreanew I had to make somethin koreang with them. I\u2019m excited about these again korean so I dug out my box of cards. Time to play.\u27b8 in koreanstagram | n koreaniceLen koreana\u27b8 pin koreantrest | n koreaniceLen koreana\u27b8 | n koreaniceLen koreana\u27b8 website l n koreaniceLen\u27b8 vin koreantage & art supply l teamsalvage.\u27b8 my guy's furn koreaniture l wageoflabor.

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