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Beaded Choker with Recycled African Vinyl Beadsturquoise choker, Ethiopian Brass and 14k Gold Filled Beadsturquoise choker, Redturquoise choker, Turquoise and Black



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This is a choker n turquoise chokerecklace featurin turquoise chokerg the beauty of Ethiopian turquoise choker brass an turquoise chokerd the vibran turquoise chokert colors of recycled African turquoise choker Vin turquoise chokeryl beads. These chokers are han turquoise chokerdmade with the best strin turquoise chokergin turquoise chokerg material on turquoise choker the market an turquoise chokerd crafted with great care to last forever.These are great for addin turquoise chokerg a pop of color to an turquoise chokery outfit an turquoise chokerd look also fan turquoise chokertastic in turquoise choker black for an turquoise choker elegan turquoise chokert or edgy style. Great for layerin turquoise chokerg as well.Happin turquoise chokeress is, when turquoise choker you as a customer are thrilled with your purchase an turquoise chokerd hopefully love to wear my han turquoise chokerdcrafted jewelry.If there is an turquoise chokery reason turquoise choker to n turquoise chokerot be 100% satisfied with your purchase PLEASE don turquoise choker't hesitate to con turquoise chokertact me. I' am certain turquoise choker that all pieces can turquoise choker be adjusted an turquoise chokerd I will be happy to do so. This will elimin turquoise chokerate an turquoise chokery problems you might have with your order an turquoise chokerd will help me to build my shop. :)Your item(s) will be shipped via USPS First Class, un turquoise chokerless you have other preferen turquoise chokerces. Please sen turquoise chokerd me a n turquoise chokerote before orderin turquoise chokerg.You will receive a n turquoise chokerotice with a trackin turquoise chokerg n turquoise chokerumber after your item(s) is shipped. - Please double check your shippin turquoise chokerg address before orderin turquoise chokerg to avoid an turquoise chokery prolon turquoise chokerged shippin turquoise chokerg time.- Track your package to kn turquoise chokerow, when turquoise choker to expect it. - Leave a n turquoise chokerote at the door/ mailbox for the delivery person turquoise choker to leave your package at a trusted n turquoise chokereighbor's house, if you are n turquoise chokerot home at the day/time of delivery.Gen turquoise chokererally I will n turquoise chokerot refun turquoise chokerd an turquoise chokery items that might be lost or stolen turquoise choker at/in turquoise choker mailbox, but will help in turquoise chokervestigate with the local post office.

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