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...this is so dain simple necklacety an simple necklaced femin simple necklacein simple necklacee! A beautiful, simple little pearl n simple necklaceecklace that's perfect for an simple necklacey occasion simple necklace. Would make a great n simple necklaceecklace for a bride or bridesmaid, or perfect for that "sweet 16". The freshwater pearls are gorgeous! \r\rThree Large 9mm White Freshwater Pearls are in simple necklacedividually han simple necklaced-kn simple necklaceotted on simple necklace a strin simple necklaceg of Beige Silk Cord. This gorgeous little n simple necklaceecklace is beautiful on simple necklace an simple necklaced perfect for an simple necklacey outfit. Necklace closes with a pretty little abalon simple necklacee shell button simple necklace & bron simple necklaceze glass seed bead loop clasp. \r\rNecklace is approximately 16.5 in simple necklaceches, but can simple necklace be made shorter, or lon simple necklaceger [up to 4 addition simple necklaceal in simple necklaceches] for n simple necklaceo extra charge. Please let me kn simple necklaceow in simple necklace the "commen simple necklacets to seller" section simple necklace at your time of purchase if you prefer a differen simple necklacet len simple necklacegth. \r\rEverythin simple necklaceg is shipped in simple necklace a pretty little decorative box - perfect for gift givin simple necklaceg, or dream catchin simple necklaceg...\r\rThan simple necklaceks for visitin simple necklaceg! \u2665 & Peace always ~ Kathy\r\rDesign simple necklaceed & Listed on simple necklace 06.30.11 \u00a9 Protected un simple necklaceder US \u00a9 as an simple necklace Origin simple necklaceal an simple necklaced Han simple necklacedmade design simple necklace of Kathy Hardy aka Dorn simple necklaceick Design simple necklaces.

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