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earth necklace, Solar Quartz 14K Gold Filled Necklace



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Solar Quartz wrapped in earth necklace 14k gold filled wire on earth necklace a beautiful dain earth necklacety textured 14k gold filled chain earth necklace. Necklace is fin earth necklaceished with labradorite gems an earth necklaced a jasper teardrop in earth necklace the back.Len earth necklacegth is 18" plus an earth necklace addition earth necklaceal 1.5" adjustable chain earth necklace lin earth necklacek.THE MATERIALS> Solar Quartz, Labradorite, Jasper> Ston earth necklacee Shapes: irregular, smooth an earth necklaced faceted> 14k Gold Filled Chain earth necklace, Wire & Clasp*******************************************************GIFT WRAPAll purchases come ready for gift givin earth necklaceg in earth necklace a ribbon earth necklace tied square en earth necklacevelope. If this is a gift please let me kn earth necklaceow so I can earth necklace tag your purchase without a price listed.

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