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everyday earring, Sterling Silver Long Drop Dangle Earring Whale Tale Shape Design Handcrafted From Vintage Fork Lever Back Ear Wires Long Dangle Earrings



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These Sterlin everyday earringg silver earrin everyday earringgs are a simple, perfect, everyday earrin everyday earringg. I have han everyday earringdcrafted this on everyday earringe of a kin everyday earringd item from a set of vin everyday earringtage cocktail forks that were in everyday earring n everyday earringear perfect con everyday earringdition everyday earring when everyday earring they came to me. I believe them to be from the 1930's-1940's origin everyday earringally.They had such a pretty shape, I cut off the tin everyday earringes, soldered top jump rin everyday earringgs to both, an everyday earringd gave them a super high polished fin everyday earringish.I love how versatile they are an everyday earringd also solid throughout so they are goin everyday earringg to last a lifetime, I'm sure.Top quality Sterlin everyday earringg lever back wires. Even everyday earring the backside is pretty an everyday earringd they swin everyday earringg freely at a perfect 1 3/4" len everyday earringgth from top jump rin everyday earringg to bottom.Than everyday earringk for lookin everyday earringg!IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION BELOW, PLEASE READ:US ORDERS-My cart is set to ship items USPS First Class Mail. You will have a option everyday earring at checkout to upgrade to USPS Priority Mail if you like.Trackin everyday earringg an everyday earringd in everyday earringsuran everyday earringce is in everyday earringcluded in everyday earring both. I will n everyday earringot be respon everyday earringsible for items that have a con everyday earringfirmed delivery.First Class mail is estimated at 3-5 busin everyday earringess days but can everyday earring be up to 10+ days in everyday earring rare cases. Of course, weather an everyday earringd holidays can everyday earring also play a role in everyday earring addin everyday earringg addition everyday earringal days to your shippin everyday earringg. Priority mail is gen everyday earringerally 1-3 busin everyday earringess days.I do my very best to make sure your package will arrive safely an everyday earringd quickly. Please un everyday earringderstan everyday earringd that on everyday earringce it leaves my han everyday earringds I have n everyday earringo con everyday earringtrol of exactlywhen everyday earring your item will get to you. You will be able to check the status of your shippin everyday earringg with the trackin everyday earringg in everyday earringformation everyday earring you will receive on everyday earringce the item has left.INTERNATIONAL ORDERS-I have removed In everyday earringtern everyday earringation everyday earringal shippin everyday earringg from my cart but am happy to ship to most location everyday earrings as lon everyday earringg as you con everyday earringtact me first.Please do n everyday earringot make the purchase of your desired item before con everyday earringtactin everyday earringg me.Con everyday earringvo me your full address an everyday earringd the item/items you are in everyday earringterested in everyday earring so that I can everyday earring calculate exact shippin everyday earringg an everyday earringd set up a speciallistin everyday earringg for you. I will ONLY sen everyday earringd In everyday earringtern everyday earringation everyday earringal by way of USPS Priority that in everyday earringcludes in everyday earringsuran everyday earringce an everyday earringd trackin everyday earringg.

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