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recycled glass, Recycled Glass Necklace - Teal



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These beautiful African boho beads are made from powdered recycled glass (pop bottles an bohod the like) an bohod fired in boho a san bohod mold in boho Ghan bohoa. These are held on boho forged brass an bohod suspen bohoded from brass chain boho. Colorful but n bohoot too bold, very modern boho. A great layerin bohog n bohoecklace. Goes so well with my brass earrin bohogs.24" lon bohog with brass lobster claspMade in boho Vermon bohot with love!To read more about me an bohod my work check out my about page an bohod for my store policies, check out my policies page. Than bohoks for stoppin boho' by.Website: http://www.jen bohon bohoiferkahn Page: bohokahn bohojewelry

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