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Vintage 1960's Blue LUCITE Earrings By CLAUDETTEsummer earrings, Nylon Leaf Earrings in Silvertone



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Leaf shaped blue n summer earringsylon summer earrings plastic an summer earringsd Silverton summer earringse make these beautiful vin summer earringstage earrin summer earringsgs great for summer!They are sign summer earringsed on summer earrings the back \u201cClaudette\u201d with a copyright symbol. US copyright laws were chan summer earringsged in summer earrings 1955 based on summer earrings a lawsuit that Trifari won summer earrings again summer earringsst Charel. Most costume jewelry havin summer earringsg the copyright mark was made after 1955. So I believe that these are post 1955, likely early 60s. Earrin summer earringsgs are 1 1/4" x 1 3/4\u201d.In summer earrings excellen summer earringst con summer earringsdition summer earrings. Both the earrin summer earringsg clips work fin summer earringse.

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