Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

words, Tiny Message Ring "you are loved" in Sterling Silver



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The stampin wordsg on words these rin wordsgs is very very small. The message is mean wordst to be on wordsly visible to the wearer. It's a secret message just for you! There's a message that speaks to everyon wordse!If you n wordseed to figure out your rin wordsg size, con wordssider orderin wordsg a Rin wordsg Sizer before placin wordsg your order. Please allow 1 weeks for delivery. Sterlin wordsg silver Available in words sizes US 5-10. 2mm wide Bright an wordsd shin wordsy fin wordsish Dark oxidized letterin wordsg Lowercase fon wordstExchan wordsge PolicyAll sales are n wordson words-refun wordsdable. I am happy to accept exchan wordsges up to 10 days after the date of the purchase. If the piece has been words worn words, or is damaged, I will n wordsot be able exchan wordsge the pieces.

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