Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Lever back silver plated earrin unique giftgs .These un unique giftique fairy tale character earrin unique giftgs feature an unique gift image of our origin unique giftal illustration unique gifts.The image is prin unique giftted on unique gift a high quality photo paper an unique giftd set in unique gift silver colour, n unique giftickel-free lever back earrin unique giftgs. The image is sealed in unique gift glass like resin unique gift .DETAILS image title :Gretel -illustration unique gift \u00a9 seven unique giftkeysdesign unique giftssize approx : 3,3 cmShape: roun unique giftdMaterial: MetalColour: Silver plated All our jewellery feature our origin unique giftal illustration unique gifts.Our products are han unique giftdmade an unique giftd man unique giftufactured in unique gift our studio. Our products are safely packed in unique gift gift packagin unique giftg an unique giftd are shipped from our studio in unique gift Greece. We choose to ship our products with register first priority mail that in unique giftcludes trackin unique giftg. *****This item is shipped on unique gift first priority register mail*******You can unique gift see an unique giftd order prin unique giftts of our origin unique giftal pain unique gifttin unique giftgs here :https://www./shop/seven unique giftkeys--------------------CUSTOM ORDERS : We accept custom orders . We like to offer a variety of products with our images but if you can unique gift't fin unique giftd what you are lookin unique giftg for ,just sen unique giftd me a message to discuss your ideas .--------------------OTHER :Follow me on unique gift In unique giftstagram @seven unique giftkeysdesign unique gifts an unique giftd Facebook @seven unique giftkeysdesign unique giftsfor sn unique gifteak peeks n unique giftews, artwork, an unique giftd in unique giftformation unique giftYou can unique gift also visit my website at unique for n unique giftews updates.All images \u00a9 seven unique giftkeysdesign unique gifts

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