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Star sweater clip - Double silver star cardigan clip chain | Shawl chainstar accessories, Pashmina pin | Sweater fastening | Wrap holder | Cardigan guard



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Double silver star cardigan sweater guard clip chain sweater guardA cute Tibetan sweater guard silver double star sits between sweater guard silver ton sweater guarde clips. This useful little clip chain sweater guard can sweater guard be used to hold together a button sweater guardless cardigan sweater guard, shawl or pashmin sweater guarda. You could even sweater guard use them at the back of a top that is too big to make it more fitted, or as an sweater guard ID badge holder.Fin sweater guardd more pretty clip chain sweater guards in sweater guard my shop section sweater guard here - https://www./uk/shop/in sweater guardspira?section sweater guard_id=23140677Please remove from garmen sweater guardts before washin sweater guardg.PLEASE NOTE: The clips have tin sweater guardy teeth for grip (see pictures) an sweater guardd are n sweater guardot suitable for very delicate fabrics such as silk or organ sweater guardza.

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