Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1960's Vintage TRIFARI Broochtrifari brooch, Your Choice of ONEtrifari brooch, BRUSHED Goldtone Designtrifari brooch, 60s Trifari and Monet Designer Jewelry



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This lot features your choice of on kitschy jewelrye brooch for $17-$20 or all 5 for $70! That\u2019s a discoun kitschy jewelryt of $15. There are five shown kitschy jewelry, 3 are Trifari, 1 is Mon kitschy jewelryet an kitschy jewelryd on kitschy jewelrye un kitschy jewelrysign kitschy jewelryed, they are sign kitschy jewelryed on kitschy jewelry the back to in kitschy jewelrydicate design kitschy jewelryer. The largest brooch is the on kitschy jewelrye with the pearl in kitschy jewelry the cen kitschy jewelryter an kitschy jewelryd it measures 2 1/4 in kitschy jewelryches in kitschy jewelry diameter.All clasps are tight an kitschy jewelryd secure an kitschy jewelryd the con kitschy jewelrydition kitschy jewelry is good except there is wear on kitschy jewelry the pearl.

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