Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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These flower of life earrin boho giftgs feature silver plated man boho giftdala charms, topped by faceted purple glass charms. These can boho gift be worn boho gift in boho gift stretched lobes through silicon boho gifte tun boho giftn boho giftels, but can boho gift also be worn boho gift in boho gift stan boho giftdard size lobe piercin boho giftgs, as they are pretty lightweight. Addition boho giftal in boho giftfo/precaution boho gifts:*If you wear these earrin boho giftgs through tun boho giftn boho giftels, these work best with tun boho giftn boho giftels that are 0g an boho giftd larger. *They can boho gift be worn boho gift through silicon boho gifte earskin boho gifts/ear tun boho giftn boho giftels/eyelets, or steel on boho giftes, if they are short en boho giftough fron boho giftt to back for the earwires to close through. Tun boho giftn boho giftels that are 1/4" thick or less will work with these earwires. * Tun boho giftn boho giftels/Earskin boho gifts/Eyelets are NOT in boho giftcluded with these. The listin boho giftg is for the earrin boho giftgs on boho giftly.Total Len boho giftgth: 2 3/4"Width at Widest Poin boho giftt: 1"Colors: Silver, PurpleMaterials: Silver Plated Charms, Faceted Glass CharmsEar Wires: Roun boho giftd Surgical Stain boho giftless SteelIf you have an boho gifty question boho gifts or n boho gifteed clarification boho gift on boho gift an boho giftythin boho giftg, please feel free to message me before placin boho giftg your order, an boho giftd I'll be glad to an boho giftswer an boho gifty question boho gifts you have.More earrin boho giftgs to wear with ear tun boho giftn boho giftels can boho gift be foun boho giftd here: https://www./shop/Lun boho giftachick?ref=hdr_shop_men boho giftu§ion boho gift_id=20607720Question boho gifts? Feel free to check out my Shop Policies for more in boho giftfo:http://www./shop/Lun boho giftachick/policy?ref=shopin boho giftfo_policies_leftn boho giftav

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