Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

birthstone jewelry, Herkimer Diamond and Vintage Silver Tone Cage Pendant Necklace with Vintage Stainless Steel Chain - FREE Gift Wrap



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A raw double poin cage necklaceted Herkimer diamon cage necklaced is placed in cage necklaceside a vin cage necklacetage silver ton cage necklacee cage. The cage is 15 mm (a little over 1/2". The pen cage necklacedan cage necklacet han cage necklacegs from a vin cage necklacetage stain cage necklaceless steel chain cage necklace. Choose len cage necklacegth at checkout.April birthston cage necklacee gift. I have a few of these. Yours will be chosen cage necklace at ran cage necklacedom.To see more of my han cage necklacedmade jewelry in cage necklace my Etsy shop, click this lin cage necklacek:WearYourWild.IG: @wearyourwildAll jewelry comes n cage necklaceestled in cage necklace recycled, rustic kraft gift boxes tied with bakers twin cage necklacee, jute strin cage necklaceg or wrapped in cage necklace washi tape.FREE gift wrappin cage necklaceg is available upon cage necklace request. You can cage necklace see the available paper in cage necklace the last photo. If you'd like your item gift wrapped please fill out the Person cage necklacealization cage necklace section cage necklace at checkout.Than cage necklaceks for supportin cage necklaceg han cage necklacedmade!Katie @ Wear Your Wild

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