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RARE & Unusual Nicholas Barbieri Vintage 1942 LUCITE Broochmoonstone, IRIDESCENT 1940’s Lucite Pin



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This is a most un vintage costumeusual an vintage costumed certain vintage costumely rare brooch that was paten vintage costumeted in vintage costume 1942 by Nicholas Barbieri. It boasts gorgeous magen vintage costumeta Lucite moon vintage costumeston vintage costumees that chan vintage costumege color with the way light hits it! There is a paten vintage costumet n vintage costumeumber on vintage costume the back an vintage costumed I have in vintage costumecluded the paten vintage costumet page from the US paten vintage costumet website for your referen vintage costumece. It is measurin vintage costumeg 2 1/4\u201d diameter, an vintage costumed the pin vintage costume back (c-clasp) works fin vintage costumee.I love the 3 dimen vintage costumesion vintage costumeal shape of the brooch. The colors vary so you see it differen vintage costumetly when vintage costume lookin vintage costumeg straight on vintage costume than vintage costume at an vintage costume an vintage costumegle.

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