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charm, Vintage Sterling Silver Wild Bryde Bunny Rabbit Charm 25mm



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Vin rabbit charmtage Sterlin rabbit charmg Silver Wild Bryde Bun rabbit charmn rabbit charmy Rabbit Charm 25mmin rabbit charm great vin rabbit charmtage con rabbit charmdition rabbit charm.This charm is guaran rabbit charmteed to be sterlin rabbit charmg silver.It is stamped sterlin rabbit charmg an rabbit charmd Wild Bryde 25mm lon rabbit charmg with jump rin rabbit charmg x 19mmPart of my jewelry rescue series. this was a sin rabbit charmgle earrin rabbit charmg. I added a soldered jump rin rabbit charmgfor chain rabbit charm or cord. Comes with sterlin rabbit charmg chain rabbit charm,rubber cord,16" or 18" or n rabbit charmo chain rabbit charm or cord.

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