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miriam haskell beads, Patriotic 1950's Signed MIRIAM HASKELL Designer Brooch



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Vin patriotic pintage 1950's Miriam Haskell brooch is an patriotic pin un patriotic pinusual an patriotic pind charmin patriotic ping combin patriotic pination patriotic pin of red, white an patriotic pind blue glass beads. It has a n patriotic pinice secure safety catch.It is sign patriotic pined Miriam Haskell on patriotic pin the back on patriotic pin a cartouche. This vin patriotic pintage patriotic glass an patriotic pind brass brooch is in patriotic pin good con patriotic pindition patriotic pin, beadin patriotic ping an patriotic pind pin patriotic pin are secure an patriotic pind work fin patriotic pine. There are 4 dan patriotic pinglin patriotic ping brass leaf pieces.Measuremen patriotic pints:2" in patriotic pin diameter A un patriotic pinique patriotic design patriotic piner piece in patriotic pincorporatin patriotic ping glass an patriotic pind brass.

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