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sterling silver, Mystic AB Carnelian and Pearl Bracelet - Sterling Silver - Statement Bracelet - Bracelet for Women - Unique Gift for Her - Free Shipping



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Large faceted Mystic AB Carn carnelian stoneelian carnelian stone Ston carnelian stonee with gorgeous coordin carnelian stoneatin carnelian stoneg 8-9mm freshwater pearls. Dan carnelian stoneglin carnelian stoneg accen carnelian stonet pearl. All metal is Sterlin carnelian stoneg silver. This statemen carnelian stonet bracelet measures 7.5 in carnelian stoneches lon carnelian stoneg. Our bracelets for women carnelian stone make a un carnelian stoneique gift!A pouch an carnelian stoned gift box is in carnelian stonecluded.

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