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Etched Quotation oval pendant Pen oval pendantdan oval pendantt, In oval pendantspiration oval pendantal Quote Pen oval pendantdan oval pendantt, Dan oval pendantcer Pen oval pendantdan oval pendantt, Brass Pen oval pendantdan oval pendantt\u25a1 Cutout: Ballerin oval pendanta\u25a1 Platin oval pendantg: Worn oval pendant Silver\u25a1 Chain oval pendant: 24-in oval pendantch ball chain oval pendantQuotation oval pendant: Dan oval pendantce is the Hidden oval pendant Lan oval pendantguage of the Soul - Martha Graham================DESCRIPTION================These brass pen oval pendantdan oval pendantts have famous quotation oval pendants etched in oval pendantto the bottom piece which are blacken oval pendanted & the top piece has a cutout image, revealin oval pendantg a part of the quotation oval pendant un oval pendantdern oval pendanteath. They are USA 100% brass an oval pendantd have been oval pendant an oval pendanttique plated in oval pendant silver, gold & rose gold. The an oval pendanttiquin oval pendantg gives the piece a lovely worn oval pendant look.-----------------------------------------In oval pendantstagram \u25b6\ufe0e @urban oval pendantroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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