Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

adder stone, Hag Stone Necklace with Vintage Silver Padre Bead and Vegan Faux Leather Cord - Choose Stone and Cord Color at Checkout - FREE Gift Wrap



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A sin minimalist necklacegle beige colored beach ston minimalist necklacee with a n minimalist necklaceatural hole, common minimalist necklacely called a 'hag ston minimalist necklacee', is threaded on minimalist necklaceto a vegan minimalist necklace faux leather cord alon minimalist necklaceg with a vin minimalist necklacetage Ethiopian minimalist necklace silver padre bead. The n minimalist necklaceecklace ties at the back of the n minimalist necklaceeck. Total len minimalist necklacegth of n minimalist necklaceecklace is 32". Choose the ston minimalist necklacee that you like at checkout. They are n minimalist necklaceumbered in minimalist necklace the photos. Also choose the color cord that you'd like. You can minimalist necklace see the color choices in minimalist necklace the last two photos.More sin minimalist necklacegle hag ston minimalist necklacee n minimalist necklaceeckaces are here: hag ston minimalist necklacee jewelry can minimalist necklace be seen minimalist necklace here: see more of my han minimalist necklacedmade jewelry in minimalist necklace my Etsy shop, click this lin minimalist necklacek:WearYourWild.IG: @wearyourwildAll jewelry comes n minimalist necklaceestled in minimalist necklace recycled, rustic kraft gift boxes tied with bakers twin minimalist necklacee, jute strin minimalist necklaceg or wrapped in minimalist necklace washi tape.FREE gift wrappin minimalist necklaceg is available upon minimalist necklace request. You can minimalist necklace see the available paper in minimalist necklace the last photo. If you'd like your item gift wrapped please fill out the Person minimalist necklacealization minimalist necklace section minimalist necklace at checkout.Than minimalist necklaceks for supportin minimalist necklaceg han minimalist necklacedmade!Katie @ Wear Your Wild

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