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Cat earrin whimsical catgs. These gold plated whimsical cat earrin whimsical catgs are han whimsical catd pain whimsical catted in whimsical cat the colors of blue an whimsical catd green whimsical cat. Sealed with resin whimsical cat for durability. Accen whimsical catted with sparklin whimsical catg Swarovski crystals. These cat earrin whimsical catgs have gold filled ear wires an whimsical catd have an whimsical cat overall len whimsical catgth of 1 1/4 in whimsical catches.These fun whimsical cat cat earrin whimsical catgs make a un whimsical catique cat gift for a cat own whimsical cater. We have other cat jewelry in whimsical cat our shop.A gift box is in whimsical catcluded.

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