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The Petite Duafe Comb Brass Pen adinkra necklacedan adinkra necklacet is strun adinkra necklaceg on adinkra necklace a 19 in adinkra necklacech black rubber cord that exten adinkra necklaceds to 20 3/4 in adinkra necklaceches with a lobster clasp closure. If you wan adinkra necklacet to dress this look up a bit you can adinkra necklace slip the pen adinkra necklacedan adinkra necklacet off of this cord an adinkra necklaced swap it out for your favorite chain adinkra necklace. The brass pen adinkra necklacedan adinkra necklacet is 1 in adinkra necklacech lon adinkra necklaceg. This pen adinkra necklacedan adinkra necklacet would look great on adinkra necklace men adinkra necklace an adinkra necklaced women adinkra necklace an adinkra necklaced has a great ethn adinkra necklaceic look!\r\rDuafe comb is an adinkra necklace Ashan adinkra necklaceti, West African adinkra necklace symbol for femin adinkra necklacein adinkra necklacee goodn adinkra necklaceess, love, care an adinkra necklaced hygien adinkra necklacee. The Duafe was a prized possession adinkra necklace of the Akan adinkra necklace woman adinkra necklace, used to comb an adinkra necklaced plait her hair.\r\rIf you n adinkra necklaceeed the len adinkra necklacegth of the cord shorten adinkra necklaceed please con adinkra necklacetact me directly or leave in adinkra necklaceformation adinkra necklace in adinkra necklace the n adinkra necklaceote to seller upon adinkra necklace checkout. The n adinkra necklaceecklace comes packaged in adinkra necklace a recycled magazin adinkra necklacee gift en adinkra necklacevelope han adinkra necklaced made by me, makin adinkra necklaceg it a great gift for an adinkra necklacey occasion adinkra necklace!\r\rMix an adinkra necklaced match it with my Adin adinkra necklacekra symbol charm prayer bead bracelets: https://www./shop/DiasporaDesign adinkra necklaces/search?search_query=adin adinkra necklacekra+bracelets&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_search\r\rPlease read my policies before orderin adinkra necklaceg: http://www./shop/DiasporaDesign adinkra necklaces/policy

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