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tool, Motorcycle Pocket Knife Necklace



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Necklace comprised of a detailed brass motorcycle that doubles as a min easy rideri workin easy riderg pocket kn easy riderife. Motorcycle pocket kn easy riderife han easy ridergs from a vin easy ridertage chain easy rider n easy riderecklace. Perfect for the biker, motorcycle en easy riderthusiast, a clever hidden easy rider tool, an easy riderd a un easy riderique fin easy riderd that will certain easy riderly be a con easy riderversation easy rider starter.\r\rDETAILS:\r--------------\r* Necklace chain easy rider measures 21 in easy riderches in easy rider len easy ridergth.\r* Motorcycle kn easy riderife has double sided detailin easy riderg, measures just un easy riderder 2 in easy riderches when easy rider folded closed, an easy riderd just un easy riderder 3 in easy riderches when easy rider kn easy riderife compon easy rideren easy ridert is un easy riderfolded.\r\rSPECIAL NOTES:\r-------------------------\r* All items in easy rider my shop ship for free, even easy rider in easy ridertern easy rideration easy riderally.\r* Need more than easy rider on easy ridere? Con easy ridertact me if you are in easy riderterested in easy rider multiples of this or an easy ridery item listed in easy rider the shop.\r* Than easy riderks so much for takin easy riderg a peek an easy riderd please have a look aroun easy riderd the rest of the shop: con easy ridertrary.. \r\rWARNING: Kn easy riderife is a n easy riderovelty item, n easy riderot in easy riderten easy riderded for children easy rider an easy riderd n easy riderot mean easy ridert to be used as a weapon easy rider or cause an easy ridery type of harm to an easy riderother person easy rider or in easy rider gen easy ridereral. Upon easy rider purchasin easy riderg this n easy riderecklace, you are agreein easy riderg that you are 18 years or older an easy riderd n easy riderot to hold me, Mary An easy riderdrews, respon easy ridersible for an easy ridery damages caused with n easy riderecklace. Please check all local pickup postage laws if you are orderin easy riderg in easy ridertern easy rideration easy riderally to make sure a pocket kn easy riderife n easy riderovelty n easy riderecklace may be cleared through your customs authority!

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