Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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These are a n leather earringsew design leather earrings, the twist earrin leather earringsg. These are adorable an leather earringsd so fun leather earringsction leather earringsal! You can leather earrings wear these dressed up or dressed down leather earrings. Made with a gorgeous design leather earringsed cork.These are a smaller dan leather earringsgle earrin leather earringsg measurin leather earringsg a little over 1.5\u201d lon leather earringsg without the ear wire.Please also see my other leather earrin leather earringsg listin leather earringsgs! *Pattern leather earrings may differ a bit due to where the earrin leather earringsg is cut on leather earrings the leather.*All earrin leather earringsgs come with backs.*Follow me on leather earrings Facebook!

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