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clip on earrings, Blue Gray Earrings Dainty Vintage Design Antiqued Brass Blue Hawaii Earrings



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Dain dangle earringsty light Blue Gray, an dangle earringstiqued faceted glass, beaded earrin dangle earringsgs. Don dangle earringse in dangle earrings a vin dangle earringstage style with An dangle earringstiqued Golden dangle earrings Brass bead caps. 8mm Czech Glass Beads.Measure 5/8" lon dangle earringsg below the ear wires. Ear wires will be slightly differen dangle earringst than dangle earrings pictured.I am happy to chan dangle earringsge to leverback ear wires if you like.Han dangle earringsdmade by me, on dangle earrings Maui, an dangle earringsd sen dangle earringst to you with Aloha!48

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