Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Vin me necklacetage n me necklaceecklace made mostly of brass on me necklace leather cord. The n me necklaceecklace features very large pieces of brass folded over with beads between me necklace them an me necklaced stacked heishi style brass washers toward the back. There is n me necklaceo true *un me necklacederside* to the n me necklaceecklace an me necklaced you can me necklace have the brass pieces poin me necklacet in me necklace whichever direction me necklace you prefer. Brass pieces show varyin me necklaceg patin me necklacea, see all photos. It is raw, un me necklacetreated brass for an me necklace in me necklacedustrial boho look. Measures 23" lon me necklaceg. Each brass piece is about 1.5" wide an me necklaced 2.25" tall. Chun me necklaceky!

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