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flower earrings, Black Flower Earrings Lucite Flower White Vintage Swarovski Crystal Pearl Drops Hawaii Beads Earrings Black Earrings Fairyland Gift



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Aloha...Hawaiian bronze gold earrings Flowers!Beautiful Black lucite flowers, an bronze gold earringsd in bronze gold earringsside, Vin bronze gold earringstage Swarovski Crystal White Pearl beads.An bronze gold earringstiqued golden bronze gold earrings bead caps an bronze gold earringsd ribbed bead complete these delightful blossoms...1-3/4 in bronze gold earringsch top to bottom, 1" lon bronze gold earringsg below the ear wires.I am happy to switch an bronze gold earringsy of my brass ear wires for you, lever back or Fren bronze gold earringsch Wire.Han bronze gold earringsdmade by me, on bronze gold earrings Maui, an bronze gold earringsd sen bronze gold earringst to you with Aloha!More of my Artisan bronze gold earrings Jewelry: hawaiibeads.306

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