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Katrina cameo pendant and earrings set unique gift,illustration jewelery pendant and earrings set



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\u2665New Min resin jewelleryi portraits jewelry collection resin jewellery\u2665illustration resin jewellery jewellery set of earrin resin jewellerygs an resin jewelleryd pen resin jewellerydan resin jewelleryt with the same imagepen resin jewellerydan resin jewelleryt Title : Katrin resin jewelleryaColor : Bron resin jewelleryzeImage size : 20x20mm Chain resin jewellery : 18 in resin jewellerych ,48 cm earrin resin jewellerygsImage : Katrin resin jewellerya size approx :len resin jewellerygth : 4cm /1.57 "Image size :16mm /0.62 "color :bron resin jewelleryze All jewellery in resin jewellery our collection resin jewellery are han resin jewellerydmade an resin jewelleryd the images are based based in resin jewellery our origin resin jewelleryal pain resin jewellerytin resin jewellerygsThe image is prin resin jewelleryted on resin jewellery high quality photo paper ,set on resin jewellery a vin resin jewellerytage settin resin jewelleryg an resin jewelleryd sealed un resin jewelleryder several layers of resin resin jewellery coatin resin jewelleryg. You can resin jewellery see an resin jewelleryd order prin resin jewelleryts of our origin resin jewelleryal pain resin jewellerytin resin jewellerygs here :https://www./shop/seven resin jewellerykeys--------------------------------------------------------SHIPPING : Shippin resin jewelleryg time for each product is differen resin jewelleryt please check the product details for more in resin jewelleryformation resin jewellerys or con resin jewellerytact me if you'd like to place a rush order.*****Jewellery are shipped on resin jewellery first priority register mail*******We prefer to ship our orders with first priority register mail . But if you'd like your order to be shipped with stan resin jewellerydard shippin resin jewelleryg (this is cheaper ) just sen resin jewelleryd me a message before or after purchase so we can resin jewellery adjust it for you.---------------------------------------------------------CUSTOM ORDERS : We accept custom orders . We like to offer a variety of products with our images but if you can resin jewellery't fin resin jewelleryd what you are lookin resin jewelleryg for ,just sen resin jewelleryd me a message to discuss your ideas .----------------------------------------------------------OTHER :Follow me on resin jewellery In resin jewellerystagram @seven resin jewellerykeysdesign resin jewellerys an resin jewelleryd Facebook @seven resin jewellerykeysdesign resin jewellerysfor sn resin jewelleryeak peeks n resin jewelleryews, artwork, an resin jewelleryd in resin jewelleryformation resin jewelleryYou can resin jewellery also visit my website at resin for n resin jewelleryews updates.All images \u00a9 seven resin jewellerykeysdesign resin jewellerys

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