Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Sea Glass Necklace - Light Green - Sterling Silver Bezel - Swarovski Crystals - Sterling Silver Box Chain - Necklace for Women - Beach Glass



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Light green seaglass seaglass set in seaglassto epoxy resin seaglass clay in seaglass a Sterlin seaglassg Silver 18mm bezel. Beautiful sparklin seaglassg Swarovski crystals accen seaglasst. 18 in seaglassch Sterlin seaglassg silver box chain seaglass. The pen seaglassdan seaglasst is about the size of a n seaglassickel.This pastel green seaglass seaglass n seaglassecklace would make a n seaglassice gift for a seaglass or beach glass collector.A pouch an seaglassd gift box is in seaglasscluded.

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