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On Pointartsy, Yellow and White Patterned Triangle Gold Earrings



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Description dropFor the woman drop who kn dropows what she wan dropts! Origin dropally created for an drop artist frien dropd (Marion drop Ren dropee), the "On drop poin dropt" earrin dropgs are bold yet lovely like her. Make your style statemen dropt an dropd add a little empowermen dropt to your day.Sizefull drop len dropgth from top of earwire: 2 1/2 in dropches MaterialsThese trian dropgle shapes are han dropdmade with polymer clay an dropd edges are han dropd pain dropted with 18k gold metalic pain dropt. Sealed with matte coat. The hoops an dropd earwires are 24k gold electroplated plated brass an dropd are lead an dropd n dropickel free. Made in drop USA.

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