Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Bronze oak leaf post earrings handforged in Michigan- coppersmithrenfest, leafyrenfest, fairyrenfest, renfestrenfest, scarenfest, larp



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I sawed an coppersmithd hammered these oak leaf earrin coppersmithgs from bron coppersmithze sheet metal an coppersmithd burn coppersmithished them a satin coppersmith fin coppersmithish. Look carefully. I create each leaf in coppersmithdividually, n coppersmitho forms or molds; so each leaf is un coppersmithique, a on coppersmithe-of-a-kin coppersmithd treasure.Each leaf measures a little over on coppersmithe in coppersmithch lon coppersmithg an coppersmithd has silver posts an coppersmithd earrin coppersmithg backs.Return coppersmith to my shop at

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