Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chrysocola, Ammolite and Brass Pear Necklace



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The pop of color this Ammolite ston metalsmithinge gives off will perk an metalsmithingyon metalsmithinge up, which mean metalsmithings that it will make a great gift! Emerald green metalsmithing is on metalsmithinge of the most favored jewel ton metalsmithinges in metalsmithing the world. Ammolite is a very rare ston metalsmithinge foun metalsmithingd in metalsmithing Alberta, Can metalsmithingada. It has the fire in metalsmithingside it like an metalsmithing opal. This beautiful ston metalsmithinge is moun metalsmithingted to a han metalsmithingd cut brass pear an metalsmithingd then metalsmithing accen metalsmithingted with Jade ston metalsmithinges an metalsmithingd Chrysocola ston metalsmithinges in metalsmithing the 18 in metalsmithingch n metalsmithingecklace. The clasp is a lobster claw gold plated fin metalsmithingdin metalsmithingg. This is a on metalsmithinge of a kin metalsmithingd very special piece.

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