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beachy earrings, Aqua Leverback Earrings - Sea Glass Inspired Earrings - Sterling Silver Leverbacks - Earrings for Women - Czech Glass Peacock Bead



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Aqua leverback earrin leverback earringsgs. Sleek sea glass in leverback earringsspired matte glass beads, Czech glass peacock beads, an leverback earringsd Light Azure AB Swarovski crystals. All metal is Sterlin leverback earringsg silver in leverback earringscludin leverback earringsg the leverbacks. The earrin leverback earringsgs have an leverback earrings overall len leverback earringsgth of 1 7/8 in leverback earringsches.These beachy earrin leverback earringsgs are lightweight an leverback earringsd would make a great gift.A pouch an leverback earringsd gift box is in leverback earringscluded.

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