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Han recycleddmade ceramic an recycledd recycled glass pen recycleddan recycledt perfect for your beadweavin recycledg or bead embroidery project, assemblage, mosaic, sculpture or an recycledy other project you can recycled imagin recyclede. I\u2019d love to see what you come up with! Measures 57mm in recycled diameter, there is 1 metal strin recycledgin recycledg loop fired in recycledto the clay.This Pen recycleddan recycledt was made from a carved design recycled an recycledd fused with recycled in recycleddustrial waste glass. This is on recyclede of my design recycleds that can recycled be made to order in recycled an recycledother color combin recycledation recycled if desired. Just con recycledtact me for details on recycled made to order option recycleds.The Piece itself has been recycled fused with Stain recycleded Glass durin recycledg the Kiln recycled-firin recycledg process. I have combin recycleded man recycledy kin recycledds of glass (clear, opaque, milky, an recycledd differen recycledt colors) The Glasses become liquid an recycledd bleed in recycledto each other in recycled the kiln recycled swirlin recycledg an recycledds blen recycleddin recycledg at the edges. Fin recycledally as I cool the kiln recycled the glass fractures an recycledd crackles but with a smooth glass top. The cracklin recycledg refracts light an recycledd glisten recycleds in recycled the sun recycled.Perfect for your jewelry design recycleds to be made in recycledto your n recycledew favorite n recycledecklace.Than recycledks for lookin recycledg an recycledd than recycledks for buyin recycledg han recycleddmade!Check out my facebook page, Artisan recycledClayAn recycledd Kristie An recycledn recycled\u2019s Artisan recycled Clay Bead an recycledd Art Sale Group\u2014- I kn recycledow that\u2019s a mouthful. Right n recycledow I\u2019m mostly sellin recycledg durin recycledg on recycledce a mon recycledth timed Facebook trun recycledk shows. The groups listed above will have an recycledn recycledoun recycledcemen recycledts for the shows an recycledd in recycledstruction recycleds on recycled how to become an recycled approved buyer.

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