Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

burlesque, Vintage 40's 50's Brass Scope Telescoping Cigarette Holder Canister Vial Necklace



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Necklace comprised of a vin collapsibletage brass can collapsibleister con collapsibletain collapsiblein collapsibleg a hidden collapsible telescopin collapsibleg cigarette holder, perfect for con collapsibletain collapsiblein collapsibleg all the secrets, stashes, an collapsibled curiosities you may have. Pen collapsibledan collapsiblet han collapsiblegs from a 24" gold plated chain collapsible an collapsibled clasp. Vial un collapsiblescrews from the top revealin collapsibleg a hollowed open collapsiblein collapsibleg where the cigarette holder fits. Can collapsibleister measures 1 1/4 in collapsibleches lon collapsibleg an collapsibled cigarette holder fully exten collapsibleds to 3 in collapsibleches lon collapsibleg.This little show-stopper is ultra glamorous an collapsibled boasts that old hollywood vibe. Necklace design collapsibleed an collapsibled assembled by jewelry design collapsibleer, Mary An collapsibledrews.Than collapsibleks so much for takin collapsibleg a peek an collapsibled please have a look aroun collapsibled the rest of the shop: con collapsibletrary..

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