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owl wax seal, Council and Comfort - Owl and Teapot wax seal necklace in Gold Vermeil - 188G



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Owl an tea necklaced the Teapot - Sometimes coun tea necklacecil take an tea necklaced sometimes teaSometimes you wan tea necklacet advice, an tea necklaced sometimes you wan tea necklacet solace. Han tea necklacedcrafted usin tea necklaceg the impression tea necklace of a British wax seal datin tea necklaceg from the early to mid 1800\u2019s.Materials: Silver, Gold, Gold vermeil Gold vermeil is a thick layer of real gold over solid sterlin tea necklaceg silver, it offers the look an tea necklaced feel of solid gold at an tea necklace affordable price.Size: 13/16" x 7/8" (20mm x 22mm)PLEASE NOTE: Before you order please check sizin tea necklaceg in tea necklaceformation tea necklace - it can tea necklace be hard to gauge jewelry sizes from pictures alon tea necklacee. On tea necklace some of the seal pieces the text is so small as to be read on tea necklacely with a magn tea necklaceifyin tea necklaceg glass makin tea necklaceg the mean tea necklacein tea necklaceg a secret between tea necklace you an tea necklaced those you choose to tell.Availability an tea necklaced shippin tea necklacegYour purchase will ship in tea necklace 3-5 busin tea necklaceess days. On tea necklacece shipped, please allow a min tea necklaceimum of 3 weeks to receive your order188 - Owl an tea necklaced the teapot

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