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Copper Art Bracelethandmade, Butterfly Copper Bracelethandmade, Handcrafted Copper Bracelet Made From Pure Copper with Colorful Artworkhandmade, Tapered Copper Cuff



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Copper Art Bracelet, Butterfly Copper Bracelet, Han copper jewelrydcrafted Copper Bracelet Made From Pure Copper with Colorful Artwork, Tapered Copper Cuff\u25a1 Material: Solid Copper Adjustable Cuff Bracelet\u25a1 Design copper jewelry: Cutout 3D Motif\u25a1 Artwork: Butterfly & Floral Design copper jewelry\u25a1 Beveled Diamon copper jewelryd-Cut Edgin copper jewelryg\u25a1 Size: 25 MM at widest poin copper jewelryt / 12 MM at n copper jewelryarrow en copper jewelrydThis particular style is a 3D cutout motif of copper & brass which is riveted on copper jewelryto the copper cuff--------------------------The Process--------------------------It takes a 32-step process to complete each piece. Copper sheets are polished, silver-plated an copper jewelryd the design copper jewelrys are prin copper jewelryted on copper jewelryto the silver-plated surface. All pieces are cut-out by han copper jewelryd usin copper jewelryg jewelers\u2019 shears which are then copper jewelry meticulously diamon copper jewelryd cut so that they sparkle as if they have diamon copper jewelryds in copper jewelryserted in copper jewelry them. This makes the han copper jewelrydcrafted jewelry look more expen copper jewelrysive. All han copper jewelrydmade copper jewelry is made from 99% copper. Copper is a safe metal an copper jewelryd man copper jewelryy people buy copper jewelry to wear for health reason copper jewelrys. Each piece is made by han copper jewelryd, han copper jewelrydcraftin copper jewelryg copper sheets in copper jewelryto un copper jewelryique on copper jewelrye-of-a-kin copper jewelryd jewelry. The copper sheets are then copper jewelry polished usin copper jewelryg buffin copper jewelryg tools an copper jewelryd steel brushin copper jewelryg to achieve the matte an copper jewelryd subtle effect on copper jewelry each piece. Special fin copper jewelryishes are applied to make them last for years, so they can copper jewelry be en copper jewelryjoyed without an copper jewelryy special care. These protective coatin copper jewelrygs also protect the copper jewelry from tarn copper jewelryishin copper jewelryg.--------------------------Proper Care--------------------------These pieces should n copper jewelryot be worn copper jewelry in copper jewelry the shower as soap an copper jewelryd detergen copper jewelryts may harm the fin copper jewelryish. Rin copper jewelrygs especially should be removed when copper jewelry washin copper jewelryg an copper jewelryd should n copper jewelryot come in copper jewelryto con copper jewelrytact with han copper jewelryd san copper jewelryitizers. Wearin copper jewelryg is n copper jewelryot recommen copper jewelryded durin copper jewelryg sports, swimmin copper jewelryg, or garden copper jewelryin copper jewelryg. With proper care, you will en copper jewelryjoy them for man copper jewelryy, man copper jewelryy years.-----------------------------------------In copper jewelrystagram \u25b6\ufe0e @urban copper jewelryroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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