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sports, Seattle Seahawks Earrings Right Pair ONLY



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Right pair on beadedly!! This is for the lighter shell earrin beadedgs ONLY! Sparkly beaded Seahawks earrin beadedgs were made by han beadedd sewin beadedg sparkly rhin beadedeston beadede ban beadeddin beadedg aroun beadedd a white bead. The earrin beadedgs are edged with size 11 glass seed beads. They are backed with smoked buck skin beaded an beadedd have n beadedickel free surgical steel ear hooks.Earrin beadedgs will come with rubber backin beadedgs to help reduce the chan beadedce of losin beadedg an beaded earrin beadedg. They will be shipped in beaded a pretty box. Measuremen beadedtsFull Len beadedgth: 1 3/4 in beadedches (5.08 cm)Bead Work: 1 1/4 in beadedch (3.175 cm)My Shop: http://n beadeddn beadedchick. More Beaded Earrin beadedgs: http://www./shop/n beadeddn beadedchick?section beaded_id=7241072

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