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classic, Large Elongated Teardrop Layered Gray Ostrich and Turquoise Alligator Leather Double Earrings



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Classic an leather earringsd boho all at the same time, these large gray gen leather earringsuin leather earringse ostrich an leather earringsd turquoise gen leather earringsuin leather earringse alligator leather elon leather earringsgated teardrop earrin leather earringsgs will add a cool vibe to an leather earringsy outfit. Dress up or dress down leather earrings! Classic, crisp an leather earringsd chic, with a southwest boho vibe, these go from the office to a n leather earringsight out without missin leather earringsg a beat. Cool an leather earringsd fun leather earringsky! A true on leather earringse of a kin leather earringsd statemen leather earringst piece!They measure 4 1/8" in leather earrings len leather earringsgth, 3/4" at the widestCustom requests welcome.

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