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barse ring, Vintage Barse Sterling Silver Turquoise Teardrop Center Ring



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This is Vin turquoise sterlingtage Barse Sterlin turquoise sterlingg Silver Rin turquoise sterlingg with Turquoise Teardrop Cen turquoise sterlingter. Rin turquoise sterlingg. Size is 5.5 almost 6. Good Con turquoise sterlingdition turquoise sterling with n turquoise sterlingormal age wear.The ston turquoise sterlinge measures approx. 3/4 in turquoise sterlingches lon turquoise sterlingg. It has a rope pattern turquoise sterling design turquoise sterling surroun turquoise sterlingdin turquoise sterlingg the outer part of the ston turquoise sterlinge area in turquoise sterling sterlin turquoise sterlingg silver too. I ship to the USA. No In turquoise sterlingtern turquoise sterlingation turquoise sterlingal shippin turquoise sterlingg. I also in turquoise sterlingsure all of my packages to the USA to make sure that they arrive to you safely. An turquoise sterlingy question turquoise sterlings, please ask before purchasin turquoise sterlingg. Than turquoise sterlingks for lookin turquoise sterlingg.

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