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Raven Necklace with Golden Sheen Obsidianpink pearls, Freshwater Pearls & Sterling Silver



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This is a beautiful Raven pearl necklace n pearl necklaceecklace made with two types of freshwater pearls (coin pearl necklaces an pearl necklaced roun pearl necklaceds), roun pearl necklaced sterlin pearl necklaceg silver beads an pearl necklaced golden pearl necklace sheen pearl necklace obsidian pearl necklace. The raven pearl necklace coin pearl necklace pen pearl necklacedan pearl necklacet is double sided. All fin pearl necklacedin pearl necklacegs are sterlin pearl necklaceg silver.Necklace Len pearl necklacegth: 20 1/4"Pen pearl necklacedan pearl necklacet Len pearl necklacegth: 2"Mean pearl necklacein pearl necklaceg of the Ston pearl necklacees:Pearls have been pearl necklace kn pearl necklaceown pearl necklace to help brin pearl necklaceg peace an pearl necklaced tran pearl necklacequility to the wearer; golden pearl necklace sheen pearl necklace obsidian pearl necklace helps us reclaim our power an pearl necklaced fin pearl necklaced hidden pearl necklace talen pearl necklacets.Addition pearl necklaceal In pearl necklaceformation pearl necklace:It's ready for gift givin pearl necklaceg in pearl necklace a box n pearl necklaceestled in pearl necklaceside an pearl necklace organ pearl necklaceza pouch.Each piece was in pearl necklacedividually made with love in pearl necklace my studio in pearl necklace Wiscon pearl necklacesin pearl necklace. This n pearl necklaceecklace is on pearl necklacee of a kin pearl necklaced!All props, in pearl necklacecludin pearl necklaceg the crystals in pearl necklace the photos, are n pearl necklaceot in pearl necklacecluded. :)All items usually ship within pearl necklace a week. If you n pearl necklaceeed it quickly, please purchase the USPS priority shippin pearl necklaceg upgrade, (USA on pearl necklacely). Than pearl necklacek you!

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